The Fearless Om
Be Bold. Live Fearlessly.



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Redefine what it means to devote time to your Self

to find centering, fulfillment, and purpose.

40 Days to Free is a 6-week Series that guides you to getting back in touch with yourself by learning the practice of self-care through self-awareness and exploration.

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Release attachments and conditioning that create static in your life.

Learn self-study that is accessible and practical. Form a commitment to mindfulness. Finding Home is a 90-day course featuring a weekend retreat + three immersion classes.

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Immerse yourself in a community vibration.

Fearless Fest is a full weekend of wellness celebrating self-care, self-study and community. Classes inspire, challenge, and create connection through yoga, meditation, discussion, creative arts, holistic healing and more.

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Rediscover your teaching center, connect with the nature of yoga

and honor your student within while exploring what it means to BE a yoga teacher. Holding Space is a YTT module for 200 or 300 hour programs that includes discussion, personal reflection, group activity, asana & meditation.

The Corporate Om

Increase success and decrease stress.

Improve company performance by decreasing emotional and physical stress and tension in the workplace. The Corporate OM offers customized mindfulness programs like ongoing yoga + meditation classes or group development workshops help to keep your team nourished and balanced.